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Traverse Gallery


The Coastal Works of Joy Matthews
Joy Matthews | Acrylics, Encaustic & Cold Wax Mediums

Exhibition: May 11 - June 30, 2023

Joy Matthews is a self-taught artist that began her art career through her Interior Design business.  While always loving art, she pursued a different career path for 10 years.  Constantly visiting galleries searching out original art for clients drew her back toward her interest in painting.  

Joy was born and raised in South Georgia.  She lives on a farm outside of Sycamore, Ga.  where she and her husband have raised 2 children. Joy began by hand-painting tile backsplashes and later ventured into  murals.  She now also works on canvas and wood panels.

Joy’s work has evolved as she explores new mediums.  She primarily works in acrylics, encaustic, and cold wax mediums.  Encaustic is an ancient, archival medium that combines pigments with beeswax and tree resin.  She finds it magical to use the flame from torches to fuse the encaustic layers together.  The movement of the wax is carefully controlled to create images that are soft and fluid.  

Joy recently began experimenting with cold wax medium as a way to work without the heat required for encaustics.  Through the soft buttery body of cold wax mediums, Joy is able to create paintings with intense texture. 

Joy also works in precious metal clays.  Her jewelry is bold and striking, meant to be a statement for the wearer.  She combines natural stones, metals, wood, leather, and recycled glass to make unique jewelry pieces.

Joy has exhibited her art and received numerous awards throughout Georgia.  For Joy, her joy comes from seeing something created from just an idea. When Joy is not painting, she is usually busy working as a designer and event/wedding designer. 


The Gallery

The Traverse Gallery is a gallery space that houses rotating exhibits.
It was created to exhibit the works of students and local artists. 

All of our galleries are open to the public and free to view. 

Monday - Friday | 10 am - 5:30 pm

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