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Annual Southern Arts Invitational

This exhibition provides artists working in all mediums with the opportunity to participate in this annual regional exhibition. Selections for awards will be based on a juried review, which is conducted without the knowledge of the artists’ identity, title, or price of work. The exhibition will be judged in its entirety. Awards will be presented and announced at the opening night reception on Thursday, August 25, 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm. Participating artists and guests will be encouraged to attend.

important dates:

  • Thursday, August 25 – Opening Reception (The Opening reception will be from 5:30 pm—7:00 pm.)

  • Friday, October 14 – Exhibit ends (The exhibit will be on display until 5:30 pm on October 14, 2022.)

  • October 17 – 21 – Art Pickup Dates (All works must be picked up from The Arts Center from 10:30 am – 5:00 pm.)

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Hosted By: 

First Place        $800.00
Second Place     $400.00
Third Place       $200.00

Meet Our Judge!

Samantha McCoy


Sam McCoy was born and raised in Central Florida in the 90s.  She is a contemporary painter who focuses on the boundaries between the natural and hyperreal landscapes of Florida.  She pulls her inspirations from a place where spectacle and roadside attraction dominate the South's tourism capital. McCoy received her BFA from the University of Central Florida and her MFA from Florida State University where she received the Excellence in Visual Arts award. She has worked as an educator at the Museum of Florida History and Florida State University where she taught painting, drawing, and design. Recently, McCoy was a featured artist in Fresh Squeezed 6 at the Morean Arts Center and has exhibitions coming up at the Wildlife Arts Festival in Thomasville, GA and Venvi Gallery in Tallahassee, FL.  Currently she is the Artist Programs Manager at Thomasville Center for the Arts where she helps develop exhibitions and curates the Wall Space gallery. She continues to work at her home studio in North Florida, frequenting picturesque springs and roadside citrus stands.

Sam McCoy _ Headshot.jpg
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